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Magnifying Glass

Magnifyingglass.net.au is an Australian business who specialises in everything that can bring you closer to the object you are trying to see.

Sometimes in life you just need to be that little bit closer, that's where we come in. We stock a variety of magnifiers that will make completing any task a breeze.

Starting at a small 1X magnification and progressing all the way up past 800X magnification we have something that is suitable for any purpose. Sometimes you need a LED light to see a bit better, we have a range of lighted magnifiers that will satisfy your needs.

We don't stop there, we also stock microscopes, loupes, hands free, headband magnifiers and are growing every day so you will be seeing more and more fantastic products in our stock pile every week.

Come in and have a look around our store, we have everything you could ever need and look forward to supplying you with fantastic quality items at fantastic prices.

Your feedback is important to us

At magnifyingglass.net.au we take all feedback seriously, so if for some reason you are unhappy with our products, would like more information, need a hand with choosing the right magnifying glass for you or someone else please do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns questions and feedback.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and take all positive and negative feedback into consideration to help improve our customer service.
We would like to thank you for visiting and shopping on our site and hope that your experience has been a good one so far.

We also have a list of frequently asked questions that may also help you out with questions that you may have.