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Here is everything you need to know in regards to magnifying glass products and information.


We will be adding fantastic informational articles and news updates on this page so make sure you keep checking back to stay up to date with everything magnifier related.


Recent Informational Articles


Magnifying Glass for Reading Small Print - What Do You Need?In this article we point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect magnifying glass for reading small print.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Magnifier - In this article we discuss the importance of choice and how you really need to pick the right type of product to suit the type of use you are trying to achieve.


Which Magnifier is Good for Semi Blind or Low Vision People? - Learn which types of magnifiers are best for people with low vision or vision impairment. Some do the job better than others.


Why You Need a Wallet Magnifier - One of the greatest things to come out since sliced bread, learn why you need one and all the uses that they can be used for in your everyday life.


Starting a Fire with a Magnifying Glass - Have you done it? Should you do it? Want to learn how to do it? All information is present in this fantastic article.


5 Uses for Your New Magnifier - Another great read on 5 fantastic uses for your new purchase, some things may surprise you some things may not.


Which is better Magnifying glasses or Headband magnifier - A perfect explanation between the two products, great for people who cannot decide on which on they want and think will be right for them.



Cool Pictures of Magnified Items

The Eye of a Honey Bee - This is an amazing shot of the eye of a honey bee. It looks so beautiful and gives you a softer side of bee.


The World's Smallest Chameleon - Check out how small this little guy is, he will make your heart melt. Measuing only 0.3 inches in size.


The Tardigrade Also Known as Water Bears - These little creatures are found almost everywhere and can withstand some crazy conditions.


This is what Sand Looks Like When Magnified 250x - Have you ever wondered what sand looks like when up close and personal? Now you can see how cool it really is.


Check Out What Dust Looks Like Magnified 250 Million Times - Dust isn't so dirty when you take a closer look at it. In our opnion it likes kind of awesome.


Product Showcase


20X Watch Repair Glasses with LED Lights - In this article we go in depth with what makes this product so great.