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Reading Chart

This is a VERY rough guide on which magnification would be suitable for you if your goal is for reading.


The reason this guide cannot be 100% accurate is because of the variables such as:


  • Screen resolution
  • Screen size


Use this as a simple guide only to get a general idea on the difference between certain magnifications.


Remember the general rule is "The larger the magnification the small the lens has to be"


This is why such small loupes can be 40x magnification but page magnifiers can only be 2x magnification.


For the average person 2x magnification is plenty. For people who suffer from extreme low vision, a higher magnification will be needed.

Large text (14x)

is easier (11x)


to read than (10x)


smaller text is. (8x)


You should pick a size that is suitable for you to read. (6x)


Which one of these sizes feels best for you? (5x)




This guide should help you to figure it out. (4x)




Once you decide you will be able to pick the perfect product. (3.5x)




Then enjoy yourself more without putting and strain on your eyes. This is the overall goal of magnification. (3x)




Now we are getting down to the smaller text sizes, if you are still reading this line than you are going very well. (2.5x)




This section is 2x magnification and is one of the most common strengths for people to use for general things such as reading. (2x)




This is the size of the text you read in your newspaper, if you can read this with ease you do not need a magnifier at all, your eyes are doing just fine. (Normal Newspaper Print)


So you think you have found the right magnification for you?

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